Biotechnology Products and Services

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Angiogenesis Products: We focus on cloning, expression & purification of pro and anti-angiogenic proteins VEGF, Ang 1, MTA1, NAP and sFlt-1, TRAIL, sTie-2. Quality control and SOPs for determination of biological activity of the products are in place. Our expression systems include, Sf9 insect cells, E.coli and HEK 293T.

Immunotechnology Products/Services: Production of Antibodies, affinity purification of antibodies, Development of ELISA, Fluorescence tagging of antibodies and proteins, targeting cells; using liposomes.

Biomaterials and Regenerative medicine products/services: Biomimetic hydrogel production, hMSC.

Biotechnology Service:

Cell-based service portfolio comprises target-specific cellular phosphorylation assays as well as phenotypic/functional assays like proliferation assays, soft agar assays (colony formation), 3D tumor spheroid assays, migration assays and a unique cell-based angiogenesis assay.

Soft agar growth assay service: The role of anchorage-independent Cell Growth in Tumor Development Anchorage-independent cell growth measured in the soft agar assay is the gold-standard for cellular testing of potential therapeutic agents in oncology. Cancer cells, in contrast, evade attachment-regulated apoptosis, leading to uncontrolled proliferation. In order to discover agents that revert cell transformation and inhibit anchorage-independent cell growth, the Sanorva soft agar assay combines sophisticated 3-dimensional cell culture with high throughput and reliable quantification. The assay is available to determine IC50 values (8 concentrations in duplicates)

Phosphorylation assay: The Hit Detector service can be used to identify chemical structures which can serve as a starting point for a drug discovery program. The service package comprises biochemical testing of a drug-like small molecule library at one concentration in singlicate against a protein kinase of your choice.

Cell Migration Assay: Cell migration is a hallmark in tumor development.The cell migration assay service is currently available to determine IC50 values (8 concentrations in duplicates) as well as for single concentration analyses (% inhibition, triplicates). Signaling components (e.g. FAK, cSrc, ROCK) as well as ligand/receptor interactions that induce migration represent attractive targets for tumor therapy. The assay facilitates the identification of potential inhibitors and addresses chemokinetic movement of cells.

Cell Proliferation assay: For analysis of the impact of anti-cancer drugs, the 2D proliferation assay is a cellular assay for anti-proliferative drugs. The Sanorva proliferation assay is based on the quantification of the population of living cells after compound incubation using CellTiter-Glo® luminescence.

Research and Development:

Our R&D division is constantly working on finding innovative products and technologies as per the market trend and requirement of angiogenesis solutions.

Biotechnology Training:

Since 2015 Sanorva is offering training programmes in Biotechnology, Cancer Biology, Immunotechnology, Recombinant DNA technology, Stem cell biology and Regenerative Medicine.

MSc Project work:

Eukaryotic Cell culture technology, Immunotechnology, Expression and purification of human recombinant protein, plant tissue culture, Mushroom culture, Biomarkers in breast cancer using immunohistochemistry.